Animals inspire me . . . their lovely coats in beautiful colorful combinations, their sweet personalities, their unconditional love! I enjoy photographing them in natural light in the relaxed setting of their home or other places where they are at ease.

Why not integrate your amazing pet into your home or office space? When printed on gallery-style canvas wrap, your pet's picture becomes a high-end art piece worthy of a museum wall -- a great addition to your other artwork!

traditional custom frame around your pet's picture that matches your decor and makes that picture pop transforms it into a conversation piece.

As you browse my galleries, click on Slideshow in the upper right corner to hear the music I've selected for each one!

Pet photo sessions are about an hour long.
Gallery wraps, prints and more can be ordered directly from your pet's gallery on this Web site. Contact me at [email protected] for a quote.

Discover some of the adorable pets I've met at the Green Lake Area Animal Shelter (GLAAS) in my Green Lake Shelter Pets gallery. To explore adopting a lovable pet contact GLAAS at (920) 294-3042 or visit!

Jean Cornelius, Pet Photographer