Framing can be done from this Web site. After you add a picture to your cart you can select each frame style and add a black or white mat to see how it all looks around your picture before ordering! Styles range from simple to ornate. Types of framing include:  

  • traditional print framing with glass and matting
  • framing prints on canvas matboard (no glass required-pictured at right)
  • ready-to-hang canvas gallery wraps


frame style


  1. natural finish
  2. beaded walnut
  3. beaded mohagany
  4. black flat
  5. black rounded
  6. black metal
  7. black curved
  8. silver curved
  9. silver metal
  10. silver ornate
  11. gold ornate
  12. gold curved
  13. gold accent
  14. bronze ornate
  15. pewter gold
  16. pewter ribbed